Cremation Services Near Pierce County, WA

Dealing with loss can be difficult and overwhelming. Those heavily affected families may find it harder to move forward after the death of a loved one. Don’t worry; at Oakwood Hill Funeral Chapel & Cemetery, we have compassionate funeral directors who can help plan your loved one’s cremation. We offer cremation packages and can also customize a memorial to suit your needs. Rest assured, we’re committed to helping you in the planning process and honoring your loved one’s wishes.

Easy Online Arrangements

You can arrange a cremation at any time of the day because our online tool is available 24/7. We recommend checking our general, casket and burial pricelist before making an arrangement. Just answer a few questions to get started and choose one of our cremation packages. All packages already include a plastic urn, but we also offer urns made with marble, brass and wood. Please include your personal details so our funeral director can contact you for the next steps.

Types of Cremation Services

You can book two types of cremation at Oakwood Hill. Fire-based cremation is more affordable than water-based; the latter also takes longer.

Fire-Based Cremation: In a fire-based cremation, the dead body is placed into a cremation chamber, preheated to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit or more. The body is burned, and the cremated remains are pulverized, reducing them to ashes. Depending on the size and bone structure of the person, cremation can produce up to 6 to 10 lbs. of ashes. We’ll provide you with a plastic urn to store the ashes. We also sell different types of urns for families.

Water-Based Cremation: For water-based cremation, the dead body is placed into a chamber with water and alkali mixture. The container is then heated to dissolve the body’s tissues. If you prefer an environment-friendly cremation, we recommend booking a water-based one. A water-based cremation doesn’t need any embalming chemicals, making it friendly to the environment. Feel free to talk to our funeral director to discuss the process fully and help you make an informed decision.

How to Arrange a Cremation

You can arrange a cremation in just three easy steps. Feel free to also use our online form.

Step One – Contact Us for More Information

You can visit us at South Alder Street or call us at 253-473-2901:>253-473-2901. Our funeral director can help you plan for a loved one’s cremation or register your final wishes. If you wish to have additional services, such as a funeral or a memorial, and don’t have enough funds, we also offer financing options for families. You can apply for the loan at our funeral chapel or use our online tool. Once we have your info, Monevo (our partner) will forward it to the lenders to determine if you qualify.

Step Two – Complete the Necessary Documents

We cremate seven days a week, and the process usually takes one to three hours, depending on the bone structure of your loved one. Your funeral director will advise you on documents you need to obtain, which include death certificates. We also need a physician to sign the certificate and approval from the county to perform the cremation.

Step Three – Register Your Cremation Preplans

Oakwood Hill Funeral Chapel & Cemetery offers three cremation plans for families. All arrangements include the services of a funeral director and our staff members, ensuring a stress-free cremation service. Let us know which of these three arrangements you intend to book for a loved one who has died.

Direct Cremation: A one-time fee of $1,695 or $34 per month for water-based cremation and $695 or $14 per month for flame-based cremation.

This arrangement is our basic package, which includes a utility vehicle to transfer the remains of your loved one to our facility. Our staff will refrigerate the dead body until we get cremation approval. After burning the body and pulverizing the bones, we’ll provide you with a plastic urn or an alternative container to store the ashes. We’ll also take care of the online obituary listing along with Eternity’s Touch™ Fingerprinting. You can include private family viewing for $1,200.

Cremation Followed by Memorial Service: $2,195 or $45 per month for Flame Based cremation and $3,195 or $67 per month for Water Based cremation

You can better honor a loved one with a memorial ceremony that comes with this arrangement. Private family viewing and the services mentioned in the Direct Cremation arrangement are also part of the package. Speak to your funeral director if you plan to include additional services for this arrangement. Oakwood Hill also offers burial arrangements and funeral ceremonies.

Funeral Ceremony Followed by Cremation: $3,295 or $69 per month for Flame Based cremation and $4,295 or $90 per month for Water Based cremation

For this arrangement, you get all the services of the Direct Cremation package plus embalming and cosmetizing the dead body. We’ll hold a funeral ceremony and offer private family viewing after cremation. We have a beautiful funeral chapel set in a quiet and peaceful area; there are no additional fees if you wish to hold the funeral ceremony in our chapel.

Step Four – We’ll Be Here When You Need Us

After booking an arrangement and registering any final wishes, our staff is still here to assist you. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if your final wishes change or if you need additional assistance. We’re always here to help.

Get in Touch With Us

Do you need help planning a cremation for a loved one? We’re always here to assist. Contact us today so we can help you make an informed decision and register any final wishes.