Planning Ahead

When a death occurs, emotions can easily overwhelm you and your family. As that is taking place, decisions that need to be made are adding up fast. Most find it easy to spend more than you would prefer, especially if you are unsure what your loved one would have preferred.

At Oakwood Hill Funeral Chapel & Cemetery, our decades of experience have taught us that there is a better way. When you plan ahead for your end of life services ahead of time, you protect your family in a special way. By pre-paying for your cremation or burial, you can also lock in the price today forever.

Give us a call to learn more about your options or begin planning your funeral or cremation online.

Plan Online

Generally when families contact us to plan ahead for their funeral or cremation, an appointment is set. One of our family service directors would meet with you either at our funeral chapel or at your home. But with our online planning technology you can save yourself the trip and the time and get started today! Click here to begin making arrangements.

Travel Protection

Death away from home happens more often than you think. Protect your family with our Travel Protection Plan and ensure they don’t have to pay unexpected costs to carry out your wishes abroad or in another state.

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