Water-Based Cremation Service

Oakwood Hill Funeral Chapel & Cemetery is always looking for new and innovative ways to
serve our community, so we’re pleased to offer water-based cremation as an
environmentally friendly option for our customers. Also known as aquamation or alkaline
hydrolysis, water-based cremation uses water and an alkaline solution to gently break
down the body into its fundamental natural components.

A greener alternative to the traditional cremation process is alkaline hydrolysis, also known
as water cremation. This technique employs the use of water and alkaline substances to
break down human remains. This process results in clean water and dry, sterile bone
fragments that are returned to the family.

Water Cremation: How Does Alkaline Hydrolysis Work?

In a water cremation, a chamber filled with hot, pressurized water and an alkaline solution
receives the body for processing. This process causes the body to break down into its
fundamental chemical components, leaving only bone fragments behind.

Benefits of Water Cremation Services

One of the benefits of water cremation is its environmentally friendly nature. Unlike
traditional cremation, which produces large amounts of greenhouse gasses and other
harmful emissions, water cremation has minimal environmental impact, making it the ideal
selection for families who are determined to maintain a healthy environment. Families can
feel good about choosing this eco-friendly option, as it produces fewer emissions and
preserves valuable resources.

Another benefit of water cremation is the cost. While traditional cremation services can be
expensive, water cremation is often more affordable. Additionally, water cremation can be
done without using a casket to save families even more money.

Arrange Now if a Death Has Occurred or Is Near

Oakwood Hill Funeral Chapel & Cemetery now offers water cremation services, and you can
even find “water cremation near me” through online search engines. Reach out to us to
make arrangements if a death has occurred or is expected and you need water cremation
services. Making arrangements as soon as possible helps guarantee that everything is
handled promptly and cordially.

The cost of water cremation varies depending on the location and the funeral home you
select. While typically less expensive than traditional cremation, the expense of such a

service can still be a significant burden for grieving families. At Oakwood Hill Funeral
Chapel & Cemetery, we strive to help those in need by providing a budget-friendly approach
to funeral services. That’s why we offer affordable prices for all our funeral services. Our
goal is to ease the burden of financial stress during this difficult time. Let us help you honor
your loved one without breaking the bank.

Water-Based Cremation Frequently Asked Questions

To alleviate any queries regarding the process, we’ve composed a FAQ section that provides
insight into this greener choice compared to conventional cremation.

Does the Family Receive an Urn?

Oakwood Hill Funeral Chapel & Cemetery offers a range of services that cater to different
cultural beliefs and individual preferences. Families who opt for water-based cremation
receive an urn with the cremated remains. We offer a selection of urns made from
biodegradable materials to ensure the final resting place of your loved one is meaningful
and environmentally conscious.

Can the Family Still Have a Viewing?

Absolutely. You can have a traditional viewing before the water cremation process takes
place. We know that having a chance to say goodbye and honor your loved one is essential.

How Long Does the Water Cremation Process Take?

The water cremation process could be 6-8 hours or 18-20 hours depending on the
equipment’s operating temperature. However, body size and weight may influence the
process’s timing. You can be confident that the entire process is monitored and controlled,
ensuring your loved one is treated with respect and care.

Unlike traditional flame-based cremation, water-based cremation is a water-saving and
energy-efficient process. Heat is applied to the alkaline solution, ranging from 200 to 300
degrees Fahrenheit, which generates an atmosphere conducive to the natural hydrolysis
procedure. Over time, the solution dissolves the body’s soft tissues and breaks down bones
into a dry, brittle substance. After the process is complete, we carefully rinse the remains to
remove any remaining solution before returning them to the family in a simple urn.

What Can Be Done With the Ashes?

The ashes are available for pickup in a traditional or biodegradable urn, or they can be
scattered in a natural, serene scattering garden. If you’d prefer, you can select one of our
beautiful jewelry or keepsake urns.

People can choose to scatter ashes in a place that held significance to the deceased or
brought comfort to their family. Whether it’s a favorite hiking trail or a cherished beach,
scattering ashes in a meaningful location provides closure and allows the memory of your
loved one to live on. Our water-based cremation service provides an eco-friendly option for
scattering ashes at sea, creating a peaceful and serene final resting place.

Water-based cremation is a beautiful and thoughtful option that respects your loved one’s
memory and the environment. Our goal is to simplify the process and answer any queries
you may have.

A Special Way to Honor Your Loved One

At Oakwood Hill Funeral Chapel & Cemetery, we know how important it is to make
arrangements for your loved one that align with your values and wishes. Our range of
burial and cremation services makes it easier for you in times of grief. To those searching
for a more eco-friendly and budget-friendly method of remembrance, we offer the newest
form of cremation — water cremation. We thank you for entrusting us during such a
challenging period. Should you require assistance or have any concerns, don’t hesitate to
reach out. We’re pleased to be of service.

Unique to the community, Oakwood Hill Funeral Chapel & Cemetery is a peaceful, quiet and
beautiful setting nestled into the South Tacoma landscape. We’re at your service. Please call, email. or submit our online form anytime.