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The passing of a loved one is among the most devastating experiences. Whether it was expected or not, the death of a loved one is always an emotionally tolling event. Grieving is normal when losing somebody who played an essential role in our lives, and giving them a solemn funeral service is the best thing we can do to honor their memory.

Here at Oakwood Hill Funeral Chapel & Cemetery, we take care of the funeral ceremony so you and your family can focus on healing. We are a funeral home serving Federal Way, WA, dedicated to helping you through this difficult time. Our staff takes time to sit down with you and listen to your preferences so that we can tailor our solutions according to your beliefs and customs. 

We offer a wide range of funeral home services that provide the best possible memorial to the departed, which includes:

Burial Services Federal Way, Washington

Whether you want to hold a traditional burial or have special requests, Oakwood Hill can make it happen. Before anything else, our directors will meet with you to gather all your preferences. If the departed had final wishes, we ensure they will be carried out accordingly. 

The staff of our funeral home serving Federal Way, Washington covers all bases for a seamless service. We provide the following packages:

Traditional Funeral Ceremony With Viewing

Our traditional ceremony with viewing package has all services relating to conventional burial, including a funeral service, which can take place at our funeral home near Federal Way WA, viewing and a post-service gathering. 

Immediate Burial

This package includes casket delivery to the designated gravesite and forgoes embalming, funeral services and viewing. This is a more cost-effective option for those looking for a practical option who still want to honor the memory of their loved ones.

Graveside Ceremony With Viewing

Oakwood Hill Funeral Chapel & Cemetery can perform a simple graveside ceremony that includes prayers, eulogies, readings and songs. The rites performed during this function depend on the surviving family’s preferences.

Graveside Ceremony Without Viewing

For those who prefer an intimate gathering, we can also offer a graveyard ceremony without public viewing. This event is only attended by close family and friends who knew the deceased well.

Cremation Services Federal Way, Washington

When searching the internet for the best funeral home near you, it’s essential to pick one that offers more than traditional services. Aside from providing conventional options, Oakwood Hill is a funeral home in Federal Way, Washington that also offers cremation, which is quickly becoming the most preferred burial method in the United States. 

You can choose from the following cremation packages: 

Memorial Ceremony

With this package, a memorial ceremony will take place after the cremation service. The function is very much like a traditional funeral service, and you can choose to conduct it at our funeral home near Federal Way, WA, a chapel or any other facility of your choice.

Simple Cremation

Some families like to be private when grieving, so they often opt for a simple cremation service. This package involves a straightforward cremation with an exclusive viewing for close family and friends. 

Direct Cremation

Our direct cremation package involves no service and viewing. This means there are no mourners, flowers, readings or eulogies. The cremation is carried out soon after death, and the remains of the deceased loved one are then given to their family. 

Modern Services That Honors Traditions

Oakwood Hill Funeral Chapel & Cemetery is here to help you through this difficult time. Allow us to arrange the funeral of your loved one, so you can focus on coping with your loss. Our facilities and services are specially designed to give you comfort so that you can lean on us during one of life’s most challenging moments. 

Call Oakwood Hill today if you are searching for a funeral home near you. Our funeral directors are always available to answer your questions.

Our Reviews

Jacklyn R.
I thought this would be the hardest thing. Oakwood Hill made it easier than I ever thought possible.
Steve B.
Oakwood Hill is a place with caring people explaining your options and then letting you decide what is best. My family and I felt no pressure at all while we made our choices.
Janina F.
Leland is clearly cut out for this work. From the moment we met, I felt him to be a caring presence simply there to help me through the process. He is a real asset to Oakwood Hill!
Reginald V.
All my family has gone through Oakwood Hill and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. They seem to genuinely care about their customers and it shows. Thank you!
Sandra Q.
Not only did we save a ton of money by using Oakwood Hill, we felt like we gave our dad a quality send-off. He would have really enjoyed it and that makes our family feel that much better about it.
Jason F.
Last place we went for a simple cremation, it took three weeks. Oakwood Hill took only 5 days. They’ve got a customer for life from here on out, pun intended!
Yancy S.
With the pandemic, we had some concerns about coming in to their office. They said we could visit their website and take care of everything that way. Talk about convenient. Thanks Oakwood Hill!
Megan D.
Simple, easy and efficient. Am glad hospice referred us to Oakwood Hill.
Barry C.
We asked a ton of questions and got nothing but direct answers. The funeral director did not have any issue with that and he very quickly earned our trust. We hope not to, but would come here again without hesitation.
Emily P.
They just handled my father’s funeral. Even through our grief, you could feel their compassion and professionalism at every turn. Leland was our funeral director and we recommend him to anyone who wants a similar experience.
Gary T.
I may be years late in writing this, but during our time of sorrow the people at Oakwood Hill helped us crafting a ceremony we are still so proud of. They went out of their way to exceed our expectations.
Samantha B.
Very caring people at a very difficult time. Thank you, Leland Loftis, for your personal attention and care to our needs. This company is one of the best.
Natalie T.
Our son’s passing was unexpected and a real shock. We were told to call Oakwood Hill and are very thankful that we did. We could not have been more pleased.
Sally P.
Thank you so much for the great care and compassion during the funeral for my mother in law. While most of us did not want to go to the funeral, all of us afterwords thought that it was very well done and felt like Oakwood Hill did a great job.
Justin R.
My parents chose to pre-plan their cremations through Oakwood Hill and thankfully they did. After the death occurred, we called them and they began carrying out their wishes.
Shannon V.
I have attended multiple services held at Oakwood Hill and what makes them stand apart from the rest is their staff. Dedicated, compassionate, professional and willing to do whatever it takes to exceed their families needs. They are the best of the best
Jeanette B.
My husband passed away and I was in a state of total shock. Given I was new to the area, I found Oakwood Hill on Google. They were reasonable, professional and took great care of me and my husband.
Lance C.
The nurse at the nursing home told us about Oakwood Hill and their long history and experience with cremation. After we spoke on the phone and then met with the funeral director, we knew we made the right decision.
Karen Y.
Dealing with my fathers’ death was definitely not easy. The staff here at Oakwood Hill were amazing to our family in our time of need. They were always so patient with us and always answered any questions we had. I don't know what other funeral homes are like, but these guys were amazing, especially Leland who listened to my mother, sister and I when we were conflicted about flowers and was just overall wonderful to us.
Clark G.
I couldn't recommend a better funeral home in the Tacoma area. Not only were they very personable, they also didn't try to push us to buy more ‘stuff.’ They saved us a huge headache during a very emotionally difficult moment for our family. Highly recommended.