Fire Based Cremation Services

If you’ve lost a loved one recently, you may be trying to understand the various options
available when it comes to laying them to rest. Whether your family member had specific
wishes about their passing or you’re looking to make that decision for them, dealing with
this process can be overwhelming and confusing.

That’s why we approach every situation with compassion and care. We want to ensure you
know the options available and do everything we can to take this tremendous weight off
your shoulders.

This is a difficult time, and planning a funeral can be overwhelming. That’s why we work
tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure your loved one has a beautiful send-off that does
their memory justice.

While traditional funerals are available, you also have the option of cremation. We’ll detail
what’s involved with this process and what you can expect on the day. Thank you for
trusting us with this delicate experience.

Flame- & Fire-Based Cremation

Lots of people express the wish to be cremated after they pass. This can be for a wide
variety of reasons.

Cremation can often be viewed as a way of returning to nature. A common wish or
experience with families is to scatter their loved one’s ashes in a place close to their heart.
For some people, this could be their favorite ocean. For others, it could be off a
momentous cliff. This is usually a tender and beautiful moment between family and friends
as they scatter their loved one’s ashes together.

Some people choose cremation because they want their loved one to always be with them.
By placing the ashes in an urn, you can keep your family member close to you at all times.
You can also choose to display your loved one’s urn in your living room, for instance, or
keep it private in a bedroom. This is all based on personal preference.

When someone is cremated, their body is placed into a retort. This is a furnace that burns
the body with natural gasses or propane for up to six hours. While this may seem like a
scary prospect, you won’t have to be involved with any of this. You’ll be supplied with your
family member’s ashes after their body is decomposed in a humane and compassionate

What Is Fire Cremation?

Fire cremation uses flames and heat to decompose the human body. This reduces the body
to bone fragments and eventually produces ashes. Fire cremation is different from water
cremation. Water cremation involves disposing of your loved one’s remains in the water.
Fire cremation is seen as a humane and natural way to lay your family member to rest.

Must I Hire a Funeral Director?

We recommend you hire a funeral director to ensure your loved one has a beautiful and
meaningful event that pays tribute to their memory. Our funeral directors can help
implement your wishes and take the stress away from having to plan a difficult affair.

When you first visit our chapel, our funeral directors will spend up to three hours with you
to gather important information, design a ceremony and help you select products. This is
especially useful for people who find the overall process overwhelming and are looking for
a helping hand.

You can also choose to opt out of hiring a funeral director. If you don’t want to spend this
extra time meeting with one of our trained directors, you can also choose to complete
arrangements for a burial or cremation using our online system. This can be a helpful
solution for people planning funerals from another state or country.

Is a Casket Required?

We pride ourselves on offering bespoke cremations suitable for your needs. This means you
can choose from the following options when planning a cremation for your loved one:

• Funeral ceremony followed by cremation (water based)
• Funeral ceremony followed by cremation (flame based)
• Cremation followed by memorial ceremony (flame based)
• Cremation followed by memorial ceremony (water based)
• Simple goodbye cremation (water based)
• Simple goodbye cremation (flame based)
• Direct cremation (water based)
• Direct cremation (flame based)

While some families prefer to buy or rent a casket, others don’t want one. The use of a
casket comes at an additional charge.

Can a Casket Be Rented for Viewing?

Having a casket during a funeral ceremony can be an important element for many people
when planning this difficult event. Some people choose to rent a casket instead of buying
one when a loved one is being cremated.

This is a more affordable way to conduct a funeral or memorial ceremony and allows you to
have the benefits of a casket without purchasing one outright. If you’d like to find out more
about our rental caskets, our team will happily guide you through the options available.

How Much Does Flame Cremation Cost?

As listed above, we offer various flame cremation packages. Depending on whether you
choose a direct cremation or a funeral ceremony followed by cremation, the typical cost
ranges from about $695 to approximately $4,295.

We understand that this can be financially difficult for many people. That’s why we offer
payment plans to help people pay over a period of time. We believe that everyone deserves
a beautiful send-off. We pride ourselves on offering affordable solutions to help everyone in

How Can I Transport the Remains?

After your loved one has been cremated, we’ll give you their remains in an urn. This can
then be transported by vehicle to your home. Please let us know if you have any questions
about this process.

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